viernes, 19 de febrero de 2010

My Follow Up

So, this IESE grad is starting a multilingual blog of business, financial news around the world... partly because I love to share my opinion, partly because I love languages, but mostly because I love the world!

My thoughts on business news:
In Spanish:
In Portuguese:
In English:

Enjoy!! Until later!
Hasta pronto!
Ate breve!

2 comentarios:

Adam Rose dijo...

My name is Adam. I am an American, from Philadelphia, and looking to apply to MBA programs. I was interested in IESE for three primary reasons: reputation, location, and bilingual program. However, I do have concerns about what the career prospects would be for me upon graduation. Might you be able to provide me with a little perspective?
Thanks for your time.

wooden furniture dijo...

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